Effective infection prevention and control is central to providing high quality health care for patients and a safe working environment for those that work in healthcare settings. Ensuring all staff members have a thorough understanding of the principles infection prevention and control in the workplace is crucial to effective infection prevention and control.

This course has been designed to give learners a practical understanding about how to control and manage infection when providing health care and supporting services. 

This 1.5 hour course course has been designed to provide learners with:

  • The important basics of infection prevention and control

  • Effective work practices that minimise the risk of transmission of infection

  • Risk identification and understanding the differing types and levels of risk in different healthcare settings

  • The responsibilities of management/infection prevention and control coordinator

  • Resources and information available to compliance with legislation, regulations and standards relevant to infection control.

This session is routinely scheduled throughout the year at HealthEdge Training locations please visit the calendar for upcoming dates. Alternatively an onsite training session can be conducted, the fee for this training session to be held at your clinic is $235 inc GST.

This course was developed and is delivered by HealthEdge Training.