Policy and Procedure Manual Template

Policy and Procedure Manual Template


Policy and Procedure Manual - aligned to the new 5th edition RACGP Standards (Release 1)

A policy and procedure manual for your primary health practice provides the constancy necessary to deliver services in an efficient and logical manner.

For general practice accreditation a policy and procedure manual is a key document to demonstrate how your practice meet particular standards, criteria and indicators required for accreditation. 

HealthEdge Training has a Policy and Procedure manual template, designed for practices in Australia. It must be adapted and changed to make it relevant to your individual practice situation and state/country.

This template has been developed in line with the new 5th edition RACGP Standards for general practices.

Click here to view a sample policy and procedure

Note: An associated templates, forms & checklist manual is currently being completed to compliment the policy and procedure manual and not included in this document.

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